About the Program

The Harvard Undergraduate International Relations Scholars Program is an undergraduate-run conference for high school students looking to pursue a career in foreign policy. Featuring a range of professionals and academics, this equal-opportunity conference aims to reach students all across the world, of different nationalities, socioeconomic classes, and lived experiences. This program seeks to expose high schoolers to examining current foreign policy questions with prominent leaders in the field. Programming will consist of discussions with academics, experienced policymakers, government officials, and regional experts. Students will have the opportunity to learn real-world policy writing skills, cross-cultural leadership, and how to address global challenges from all sectors of international relations. 

Conference Structure

Information for the 2023 HUIRSP Conference will be released soon. 


The Capstone Project 

HUIRSP offers students the opportunity to participate in an inaugural Capstone Program. This unique problem-solving and research experience seeks to both expose current high school students to leaders in the foreign policy field and the current pressing questions they face. In teams of 10, students will tackle projects in areas of their choosing, utilizing the cross-cultural leadership and policy-drafting skills emphasized throughout the Conference to conduct research on and propose solutions to global challenges from numerous sectors of international relations. 


Whether it be working towards cybersecurity strongholds or tackling bioengineered threats, the Capstone Project comprises an opportunity to thoroughly research global defense and development before producing a project showcasing what skills were attained throughout the conference. Throughout the process, teams will receive supervision, advising, and guidance from current Board Members of the Harvard Undergraduate Foreign Policy Initiative; at the conclusion of the conference, top presentations will also be chosen to present their Capstone Project to a professor at Harvard University. 


All high school students, grades 9-12 are eligible to apply. Rising high school freshmen and graduating seniors who have already been admitted to college may also apply. Due to the virtual nature of the program, there are no geography-based restrictions.

HUFPI is committed to providing a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming community for students of all backgrounds. Applicants will not be discriminated against on the basis of race, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, disability status, socio-economic status or any other demographic. Candidates with need-based financial circumstances will be considered for generous financial aid (see below). A demonstrated interest in the fields of international relations, foreign policy, and/or national security is the baseline criteria for admission to the program. 


The cost of the conference is used to cover several important aspects of our nonprofit's operations. With this conference, these costs include, but are not limited to: website, application creation, application data storage, specific programming for technological capabilities and safety measures, design, advertising, liability fees, and financial aid of other students. 

Full financial aid will be available for students with demonstrated need. Our organization is committed to being an equal opportunity provider and believes that cost should not be an obstacle to educational opportunities. 

Questions or Concerns?

For more information, contact huirsp@harvardforeignpolicy.org