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The Rotating Foreign Summit is a collaboration between the Harvard Undergraduate Foreign Policy Initiative and future policy leaders at a foreign university. This collaboration takes place in the form of a multi-day conference centered around urgent policy issues concerning our two countries. The conference involves the exchange of policy ideas, dialogues, and debates on the most pressing foreign policy issues in the world, and the reception of political figures and ambassadors to speak. 

Paris 2023

From January 12 to January 14, 2023, HUFPI will be hosting a joint Foreign Summit with the Sciences Po Policy Project (SP3) Network at Sciences Po. At this Summit, we will be gathering global leaders in diplomacy, foreign affairs, business, and international development to foster discussion of the matters to the relationship between France and the United States, as well as the broader international community. 


Alongside invited speakers and student delegations from our respective organizations, we are inviting students from across France and Europe to attend the conference and hear from world leaders and experts about global issues, such as climate change and international terrorism. Not only is this Summit a unique cultural and educational exchange between students of our two world-leading universities, but it is also an opportunity for Sciences Po and other institutions’ students to gain exposure to foreign policy issues and hear from renowned experts.


Seoul 2023

From Wednesday, May 17th, 2023, to Sunday, May 21st, 2023, a delegation of HUFPI members will be traveling to Seoul to embark on a cultural exchange and learn more about East Asian and US-Korea relations. This experience will be more interactive and interpersonal than HUFPI’s typical conferences, involving inter-student exchange and dialogue, mentorship from experts, and explorations of Seoul’s political and cultural history through on-site visits and experiences. 


One of the fixtures of a Foreign Summit is the ability to expand the way we think about issues and develop relationships with people whose life experiences differ from our own. We hope to extend this principle throughout our cultural exchange, whether through dialogues with South Korean college students in debates and roundtables; speaking with and hearing from prominent foreign policy experts, academics, and professionals; and deepening our familiarity with Korea’s most historically and culturally significant sites, as well as places that are important to Korea’s relationship with the U.S. 


While the cultural exchange will last for four days, it is our hope that delegates will carry the lessons they learn—whether regarding U.S.-South Korea relations, Korean culture, or the fabric of Korean society—with them for a lifetime. 

For inquiries on our Rotating Foreign Summit, please contact

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