Get to Know Us

The Harvard Undergraduate Foreign Policy Initiative (HUFPI) was founded by Sahil Lauji '21 in the Fall 2019 with the objective of being an inclusive space in foreign policy. He imagined an organization that provided a launching pad for one's career in foreign policy. He initially started the HUFPI policy program.

John Ferguson '22 served as the 2021 HUFPI President. He worked to build-up, expand and diversify HUFPI's offerings. He developed the organization's organizational management today and initially began the US-China subgroup.

Sama Kubba '24 served as the 2022 HUFPI President. She created, executed and managed the organization's core operations today (policy, conferences, etc) as well as developed HUFPI's financial model and financed its operations. Her leadership resulted in 6 conferences, hundreds of policy groups and hundreds of thousands in revenue.